System General Specifications

The Program General Features:
  • Precision, ease and flexibility.
  • Working environment modern and sophisticated.
  • Desktop easy and simplified helps you navigate quickly between parts of the program.
  • Calendar belted with a notebook and a daily schedule and schedule reminders and tasks for each user separately.
  • The program works on local networks or via internet connection with management system for users allows you to add new users of certain facility and control later with privacy control.
  • The possibility of printing on all types of printers for all input windows and reports.
  • Automated system to save the data is automatically backed up to two different location, one of them a copy on the external flash for the protection of all devices sudden breakdowns and ensure that no loss of data.
  • Import data.
General Accounting:
  • Accounts interactive guide with a quick review of the balance of accounts is easy to use and additional options.
  • A group of securities integrated and flexible and that meets all the needs of the work at all levels, payment and exchange voucher easy for daily entries.
  • Orders exchange private financial fund.
  • Group of financial analysis reports accurate and sophisticated and fast, which include all the needs of working full stages and helps management to assess the situation and take decisions based on accurate calculations.
  • Show the balances and movements of customers and suppliers in detail with a special report aged receivables.
  • Special guide cost centers allows the possibility of adding a major cost centers and sub-centers and determine the cost of the estimated cost for each cost center.
  • Special report to each cost center shows the final result of the center with the possibility of requesting the report in detail or complex.
  • Report shows all the cost center in the file, or the possibility of allocating a major cost center to clarify the results Subsidiary.
Libra for Accounting Analytic, Stores & Warehouses Managements:
  • guide materials and flexible varieties helps to follow the movement of items, warehouses, inventory movements and reading simplified.
  • Mightily to deal with commercial material or materials or materials service grouped within the same invoice.
  • Set of bills accurate and comprehensive for each business needs and supports the work of the barcode system with cash payments on the invoice.
  • Import bills to calculate shipping costs and customs and extract the cost of the product after the distribution of the cost automatically.
  • Bills manufacturing facilitate the work of manufacturing order and add direct costs and indirect materials to be manufactured accurately, quickly and easily.
  • Group reports to adjust the movements of materials and inventory according to the classification groups, warehouses and within a specified time period.
  • Materials inventory and warehouses multiple-choice flexibility and speed and accuracy of inventory or partial year.
  • Reports a group of analytical material to control the movement of materials in warehouses and material statement stagnant.
  • Reports the expense of the profits of materials and invoices by certain periods of time.
  • Specific solutions operations installment receivables and benefits schedules and reminders.
Additional Option:
  • Possibility to determine the percentage of sales rep is calculated on the basis of total sales or profit Sales its own.
  • Staff guide with personalized cards and record the incidence of administrative salaries and advances statement.
  • Guide addresses a special mobile cards and titles for customers.
  • The possibility of all kinds of currency trading account with differences cutting automatically.
  • The possibility of linking with other programs using API Technology with additional fee and implementations.
  • Final reports are public budgets Final numbers accurate and comprehensive directly.
  • Ability to add additional options for the program to include personnel, accounting, industrial and import bills and a lot of features depending on your desire and be present technical and financial separately.